In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.

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Tracking India’s political and economic activities.

MM Singh,suspected to be controlled by the Rothschilds and the IMF,seems to be bent on bankrupting India.And Bad anti-India, policies like,the following,will usher in a dark age, for India,under an Oligarchy:-


2.Privatization\Divestment out of PSUs

3.Keeping  Inflation Rates and Budget Deficit,Huge, deliberately.

5.FDI in Education

6.The efforts to take over The Indian Child by the State

7.Strengthening the Stock Markets for the big players to manipulate with F&O.

8.Depopulation by stealth.

Why do the Globalist Elites want Depopulation?

i.With LESS population to worry about,there will be LESS OPPOSITION to ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT.

ii.With LESS Population,there will be LESS claimants for Land etc which can be usurped easily.


10.The so-called ,REFORMS,which are diktats of the Globalists,are anti-India.

11.Misuse of the Media.

12.Land Grab

13.Dislocation of Indian Citizens from their places of birth.

14.Philanthropy,with its huge tax-exemptions,by the so-called Foundations

15.Private Banking

16.Creating Food Shortage(by allowing it to rot away,Bio-Fuels production instead of food and using Derivatives) and water shortages.

17.Using the Minorities against the Majority,thus resorting to “divide and rule”.

18.Destroying the Agricultural base and the “Culture”,of the Nation,and groundwater-table,by wanton industrialization.This creates food shortage and increases the price of Food items.Thus the GMO of the USA can be pushed in,as Uncle Sam is exerting tremendous pressure on the UPA,for the same.

Derivatives are also,used,for the same purpose, namely,manipulating the price of not only food items but almost,that of, everything.

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