In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.

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Actemra, Vitamin C Saves ER Doctor From COVID-19

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Shri Modi Keeping In Touch With Countrymen

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1.NDA seems pro-Oligarchs.

2.jaitley,who like, M. M.Singh,lost the Lok Sabha Elctions,and hence is NOT elected, has appointed the former IMF employee as the CEO to the PMO.

3.Oil Ministry seems to be for the Wall Street Bankers(called FPIs,in India),Oil Oligarchs,G-20 etc  and against the Common people of India.Subsidies are being removed,though there is NO Social Security Scheme and Healthcare,as in the developed economies who subsidize,their people,farmers,bankers,Auto and House buyers even when their Creditworthiness is NEGATIVE!

Diesel price decontrol is on the cards despite CAG’s report on the faulty pricing of petroleum fuels!

4.Modi seems for DEREGULATION,as he says,that the GOVERNMENT should ONLY a FACILITATOR.He says,” the government as no business to be in business”.But the following show that this is not true:-

i)Gold Monetization Scheme

ii)Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

iii)LIC and EPFO investing in Equities and ETFs..

India is in danger.

Without Regulation India will be in the hands of the Oligarchs,like the USA,after the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act!!

Power Minister Goyal talks of “SAARC” Powergrid.Clearly One World Totalitarian Government

5.Modi retains Aadhar.Clearly Surveillance for One World Totalitarian Government.

6.Smart-city concept is for SURVEILLANCE.

The construction activities for these Cities,will allow the FPIs to make money in Stocks.

,8.  9/11/14:-

Cabinet expanded,as FDI in Defence 100%,allwed.Finance and Defence,after getting this done.Otherwise  a SEPARATE Defence Minister would have OPPOSED,CITING THE NATION’s SECURITY.

9.New Defence Minister Parikkar seems Defence Co-operation with the USA,Japan and Australia.That means, “tada” SCO.

10.RBI undermines Gold’s liquidity value,by reducing Loan on Gold from 75 to 70%

11.   10/11/14

Divestment out of Pawan Hans [PSU Helicopter manufacturer] and AIA.

Air India,may be Privatized,though,not immediately.

i)Privatization PRIVATIZATIONin full swing

ii)Surveillance via Aadhaar,Smart Cities,Smart Grid Cashhless Society is being attempted.

Fresh attempts are made to make Aadhaar mandatory,whenever the SC opposes the same.

iii)Land,Gold,Silver etc are discouraged for a Cashless society.Debit and Credit cards are being encouraged.this may increase impulsive spending resulting in Debt,a social Problem,but a must for the Bankers to enslave the citizenry.

iv)the word,”national” has been removed from the “nation Offset Policy”.This is very significant,as far as the Sovereignty of india is concerned.

v)NDA shows more interest in SAARC.A desire,for something like a South-East-Asian EU-clone?Roads to be constructed,to neighbouring Nations,to improve,Trade!
India,as suspected,involved in a big way,in Afghanistan.
Sri Lanka 2?

Petroleum Fuel prices continue to be very high,due to high taxation.

Will be updated……………..

NDA Disappoints

2017-18,Budget,presented.Budget Session,of the Indian Parliament,to restart,after the present break.
In the Budget 2014,NDA did not remove the curbs on Gold import,as promised .

REIT is allowed which is reported to be a Ponzi Scheme.

Wall Street,Bilderberg and other western Elites seem to control India.

Gold and Silver are being discouraged as “safe havens”.Gold Exchange,may be started.Now,TPTB,are calling Gold,which is MONEY,an ASSET CLASS,dumping their earlier,description of the same,as DEAD INVESTMENT!!!

Demonetization started on 8th November 2016..Reported to be FINANCED by USAID.Bill Gates,the PPP,Better Than cash Alliance,with Mastercard,Visa,e-Bay as members,are also involved.

THIS link,provides,some details.

Cashless Society is being imposed,forcibly,via misuse of Aadhaar,violating the so-called,Aadhaar Act,pushed hastily as Money Bill,which has prompted a PIL.Aadhaar is for Digitization..

Gold and Cash are attacked,for the same.(Capital And Gold CONTROL).But FTAs are being signed,Left,Right and Centre,citing Free Markets!

NOW,The Thorium Scam!

Thorium is being,sold to Foreign,nations,reportedly,with the LOSS of Rs 48 LAKH CRORES,to the National Exchequer,as if,the CoalGate ,2Gg spectrum scam ect were not enough.Crony Capitalism!the World bank and the IMF puppets transfer India’s wealth,resources,power and Water to Foreign nations or Cos.

THIS link provides the details.

To be continued…..

Floods, Rotting Of Food Grains etc……

Floods occur regularly,every year,from the time India got Independence.Nothing is being done to have preventive actions in place.There are no pro-active methods,to counter and mitigate the sufferings of the people,when floods hit.This year it is no exception,with Assam under severe FLOODS.Other parts of India are also expected to experience floods,as the Monsoon advances….The amount spent AFTER the floods,can be used BEFORE the floods, not only for development but prevent sufferings and truma of the victims,among many other benefits.



The M M Singh Government does everything for the sake of the FIIs to make profits from the Stock markets and implements policies to favour the MNCs…..Why this apathy? Depopulation the aim?

Food Grains rot year after year.Reasons:-


ii.Selling rotten grains to the Beverage Mafia at a cheap rate to produce alcoholic drinks.

The Indira Congress party is suspected to be under the firm grip of Bilderberg.

To be continued…….

Unethical Pricing Of Petroleum Products In India

Petroleum Fuels marketing is a very big scam in India,after M M Singh became PM,when he allowed Shell India,a Rothschilds Co,in collaboration with Total of France, 100% FDI in LNG marketing,with a terminal,in Hazira Port.

IMF Riots, a term used for THE DICTATORSHIP of the IMF and the World Bank ,resulting in:-

i)DICTATORIAL [UNDEMOCRATIC],DECISION-MAKING,by the formation of Panels and Committees and asking them to recommend what the Western Globalist MNCs want.

ii)Absence of Debate and participation of the Public in the same.

That is no Public debate.Dissent not tolerated,heard.

iii)Because of (ii) above,UNJUST and UNPOPULAR decisions.

1.The pricing is in US Dollars based on International/Singapore benchmark,while refining is done in India. The price should be in Rupees, based on Total refining Cost.

Singapore benchmark cannot be used,as:-

i)Majority Indians, belong to the  Middle Class,POOR and Fixed-income Groups.Their earnings are very low compared to the International Standards.Even the per capita income of Indians is very LOW by International Standards,though much if it can be due to a FEW RICH Indians…

ii)The Indian PSU OMCs are VERY OLD and hence DEPRECIATION will be much less,contributing to huge profits.

iii)There is over-capacity in India in Crude oil,refining as per reports.

2.Landed Cost is misused in pricing.Landed coast applies ONLY for imported items,but this is applied to refined petroleum products produced in India.

It is worth noting that the PS OMCs,get about 30% of their Crude from India,[indigenous],at SUBSIDIZED rates.These do not entail,ANY import duty,at all.

The above two are the main items in the so-called “under-recoveries” a LIE by the  OMCs.Under-recoveries began to be misused,from 2005,only after M M Singh became PM in 2004. Vikram Singh Mehta,CEO of Shell India[a Rothschild  Co],was ADVISOR,to the Ministry Of Oil And Natural gas, for 4 years!In an INTERVIEW,on 27th April 2012,He is BOASTING that Shell India is selling,LNG at 3 times  the price of Domestic Gas!


Besides,the claim of losses,is NOT convincing,as:-

i)Crude oil IMPORT is not REDUCED.In manufacture/production,break-even point is a very important factor.But the break-even price of Crude is never mentioned.Above the break-even price the Refining Operation becomes untenable,

ii)India has over-capacity in Crude oil refining.If they are NOT profitable,then there won’t be any over-capacity.

iii)As per Petrofed,CAPEX is on in India in Crude oil refining.One source mentions,250MMT Crude refining by 2020.How can this be,if the operation is NOT profitable?

Under-recoveries,have been taking away huge chunks from the National Exchequer,from 2005,every year.The amount for the Fiscal 2011/12,was a whopping,Rs 1,38,000 CRORES.Since this is IMAGINARY,where  has this amount,been  going,for the last 7 years,EVERY YEAR?


The SCAM is all the more pronounced,as the under-recoveries are going on soaring every year even after the prices of Petrol,Diesel,LPG etc have been raised.For example,the figure,for the last Fiscal was Rs 1,38,000 Crores and it is expected and reported to be,about, Rs 1,63,000 CRORES,THIS FISCAL.The price of crude is almost the same or less.How,is this possible?The “under-recoveries’ should be less.And they are IMAGINARY,to boot.Double Whammy for Indians!!


The Finance Ministry,admits mistake [PARTIALLY!], but does NOT mention about cutting prices of the petroleum fuels!




THIS link shows P.Chidambaram admitting that the OMCs are indeed,making profits.

An excerpt, from the link, above:-

“However, for the 14 PSUs in the oil sector, including Oil & Natural Gas Corp, Indian Oil and GAIL India, the ministry has sought a 30 per cent dividend, official sources said.

The Finance Ministry believes dividend from CPSUs is a return on investment made by the government and it should be commensurate with profits.”


To be continued……….

International Bankers Rule Over The World

THIS is their site.

US Globalist’s trick to make India LOSE Sovereignty.

US Globalist’s trick to make India LOSE Sovereignty.

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