In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.

Defence\Foreign Policy

1.This has a tremendous importance for any nation,more so,for India,which has two Nuclear-armed neighbours,who are not EXACTLY friendly.The antagonism of India and Pakistan,prop up the Western Military Industrial Complexes.

2.The UPA Government “leaders”,seem to be terrified of China(which has encircled India,with good relations with Pakistan,Myanmar,Nepal,Bangla Desh and Sri Lanka),as they conceal(MM Singh is secretive,as he is a former IMF employee),the happenings on the border areas,like efforts of the former to populate Indian areas with their country’s nomads,for example.India seems to have failed,miserably, in her Foreign Policy,as only Bhutan,among her neighbours is NOT a threat.
NDA which came to Power in 2014 has taken a decisive pro-US stand.

3.MM Singh,changed India’s Non-Aligned Policy to one of Pro-USA,-Israel and -British,allowing the nation to be subjugated Economically.All of India’s economic policies,are suspected to be the diktats of the Rothschilds and the IMF(reported to be controlled by the Rothschilds).

4.Myanmar’s Ruler, General Than Shwe visits India.Read here and HERE

5.British PM Mr David Cameron offers special relationship to/with India.Read Here

6.As per reports in the media,dated 7th September,2009,an  official survey of weaponry being used by soldiers guarding our borders reveals that about 30% of hand grenades used by jawans don’t work,one in three is ineffective. The survey, was carried out by weapons experts from the Army and defence organisations.

7.Indian soldiers “dished out”,substandard food.Read here

8.India’s Dhruv Copter is not indigenous after all.Read here

9.India’s Nepal Policy a failure.Read here

10.A very good article as to how to deal with China.Read HERE

11.Indian officials gloat over the arrest of Inqulabi, a top Hizbul Mujahideen Commander, and a Pakistani national,who  has been staying in Delhi for the past 10 years.Read here

The wife and father in Law of the terrorist,were arrested in J and K.Read here

To be continued…..

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  1. When I open your RSS feed it seems to be a bunch of strange characters, is the malfunction on my reader?

  2. Dr.M. Kumar said:

    Gangsters, Criminals and “blue -suited ” Zionist / Jewish bankers – the detested Rothschilds and MM Singh are long-time partners since the days of MM Singh’s tenure at RBI. Few Indians know this fact. MM Singh is the most corrupt individual in India.

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