In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.

Drug Running,Illegal Clinical Trials etc,Tracker

Drugs and their supply, is one of the many Criminal activities which:-

i.Destroys the Individual and turns him/her,into a sick addict,who are controlled by DRUGS alone,and will do literally,ANYTHING,for a shot.This is exploited by many criminal and anti-Social gangs.

ii.Increases Criminality.

iii.Destroys Society and its values.

iv.Encourage elements like “terrorists”[belonging to the Governments!The CIA is reported to be involved in Drug Running in Afghanistan,Mexico and many other places in Latin America] to make money and use this for Money-laundering.

Hence this is to be tracked.

1.Drug  recovered in Indo-Pak border,6/10/2011.

2.India’s SC concerned over the Illegal Clinical Trials on the weaker sections of the Society,in response to a PIL on the same.



Woman turns from a Teacher to a drug-dealer.



Drug Cartel,run globally by Delhi exporters busted.


Colonel among six arrested in Drug Haul,Manipur.

To be continued…….

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