In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.


1.The Indian Child is in danger of being taken over by the State,using education,which is also being used to convert The Child,the future Citizen of India, into a COLLECTIVIST zombie.The aim:ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT.The UPA Globalist Government is contemplating certain laws for the same.

2.RTE Act:-an analysis.Read here

Experts feel,that many small Private Schools,especially meant for the poor,in poor neighbourhoods, will be forced to close,as they cannot meet the act’s mandates.

3.Madrasas excluded from RTE Act.Read here

4.The Centre urged to foot the Bills for initiative/s of RTE Act.Read Here

5.As per reports on 29/7/2010, new IIITs will come up under PPP.India’s Democratic Republic and her Citizens face a dark future,as Oligarchy will prevail.

6.Adhyapak Front,seeks regularization of Teachers in Punjab.Read Here

To be continued…..

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