In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.


1.Gold and Silver prices are being ,reportedly,suppressed to:-

i.Keep the U S Dollar strong.

ii.To PREVENT ORDINARY people,from preserving their wealth,as Currencies [Fiat ] are losing their purchasing

iii.To discourage smaller Nations from demanding their Gold back from the so-called CUSTODIAN BANKS.

iii.QEs by BoJ,ECB,BoE to keep the weak U S Dollar comparatively stronger.

2.The methods MISUSED are,THE NOTORIOUS DERIVATIVES [which are highly LEVERAGED]

3.In India,the present RBI Governor is a SUSPECTED, IMF-puppet.Within about 4 days of taking charge,he started eyeing the Gold with Temples of Hindus.He tried to keep some,”IMPURE” Gold in the “custody” of BoE recently.

4.Some sites one can visit:-


The NDA,started Gold Monetization Scheme,in May 2016.This is to keep the $ strong.This also,PREVENTs,the Middle Class,from preserving their meagre,wealth,with Physical Gold,as a safe-haven and Hedge.

In November,2016,the NDA brought the demonetization Scheme,in the Hindu marriage Season,when Gold is in demand.

Will be updated……………….

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