In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.


Efforts for DEPOPULATION ,by some Foreign Foundations headed by some notorious Globalists,engaged in philanthropic Healthcare for some of the  India’s poor,in Bihar etc,is noticed.

1.Health Ministry wants to buy expired BCG vaccines?Read here

2.In an earlier incident the UPA had sent expired vaccines for use in UP.Read here

Are these “mere coincindences”or a DEPOPULATION ploy?

3.There are reports,as on 27/7/2010,that food grains,are allowed to rot by the UPA Government.The SC,which was responding,to a PIL, has asked the UPA Government to respond positively,in a poor country like India,where crores of people starve to death.

SC pulls up Sharad Pawar.See video here.

It is worth noting that,the FCI keeps a buffer of 60Million MT,at the time of writing this piece,against the required norm of,only 21 Million .

4.As per reports on 28/7/2010,Swine Flu has claimed 4 lives in Pune.

5.As per reports,dated 1/8/2010,in the media,258 people have been arrested in UP for using,oxytocin injections, calcium carbine – used to ripe fruits, colours and other such items in large numbers.

6.As per reports in the media,dated 2/8/2010,two school students succumbed to H1N1 ,in Pune,in the current academic session.

In Mumbai,Doctors at a meeting in BYL Nair Hospital,said that the choice to or not to get vaccinated should be left to the individuals concerned,till the efficacy of the vaccine is established,and more is KNOWN about the same,to be recommended by Doctors.

7.22 wheat varieties resistant to Ug99,a fungus,which originated from Uganda,has been developed indigenously,as per reports,on 2/8/2010.

8.60% of Bihar affected by drought.Read here

9.Healthcare Bill for providing uniformity of delivery,was introduced in Rajaya Sabha,as per reports on 2/8/2010.

10.12 Jharkhand districts declared, drought-affected.Read HERE.

11.As on 5/8/2010,reportedly,H1N1 flu deaths have reached 20,in Andhra Pradesh,after June this year.5 in Orissa,as on 10/8/2010.3 doctors,in Hydrebad,have contacted swine flu,despite taking the preventive vaccine,and 8 deaths including a 10 month old, baby,due to H1N1,in Pune in the last two days as per reports on 12/8/2010.As per reports on 16/8/2010, in the week 84 deaths have occurred out of 1000 cases,nationally.Annual death toll for Delhi 52.Read HERE

12.24 deaths due to Malaria,have been reported till 3rd,August,this year,in Mumbai.

13.Indian System Of Medicine,viable for poor Indian Farmers,as  per experts.Read HERE.

14.MM Singh Govt,admits rotting of food.Read here. As per reports on 12/8/2010,the Supreme Court,has asked the UPA Govt not to allow food to rot,and provide them free,to the poor, instead,and has instructed to construct proper storage so that the food will not rot away.

15.As per reports,the Food Inflation for the week ended 31st,July,2010,is 11.4%:a huge increase.

16.Dengue fever threatens Delhi.2371 cases with 5 deaths,as on0 20/9/2010.According to the MCD, 1,153 dengue cases and three deaths were reported in 2009, 1,312 cases and two deaths in 2008, 548 cases and one death in 2007, and 3,366 cases and 36 deaths in 2006.

17.Seven H1N1 deaths(total 33 as on 5/9/2010) in a single day,and 6 Dengue deaths in a month, in MP.Read here and HERE

18.Cholera breaks out in Odisha’s Rayagada district,as there is no clean drinking water,death toll,140 as on 13/9/2010.Read here HERE and HERE.

19.Kalahandi,Odisha, affected by diarrhoea.Read here.6 cases Dengue,reported, in Guwahati as on 14/9/2010.

20.Excess rains damage sesame and groundnut crops in Gujarat.Read here

21.Meningitis claims 50 lives in Tripura.Read Here

22.Indian Researchers have developed a protein-packed potato.Read here

23.Food shortage in Anini,Arunachal Pradesh.Read here

24.Unelected MM Singh may not like this,but the SC has again expressed its dissatisfaction with the way the UPA,has handled the grains and their rotting.Read HERE

25.Discrepancies in the reporting of  rotten food grains,a cause for concern:BJP.Read here

26.Malaria kills 2 lakhs in India annually.Read here

27.FDA inspector beaten up while collecting samples,in Bhopal.Read here

28.HC urged to check on malaria, cholera deaths in Odisha State.Read Here

29.Dengue scare in Jharkhand,four die,168  ill.Read here.

30.63 new cases of Dengue in Delhi.Read here

31.Dead lizard in Bharati Retail’s pickle container.Read here

32.Twenty One die in Cholera outbreak in Assam, tea estate.Read here.

33.Deaths cause panic in Khadra,Lucknow.Read here

34.23 Lakh children died in India in 2005,in the 1 to 5 years age group.Read here

35.HIV Aids on the increase in MP.Read Here

36.HIV contaminated blood transfusion results in 12 kids in Delhi,being infected by the dreaded disease.Read here

37.Cancer deaths in increasing trend in Wayanad.Read here

38.MS Swaminathan for endosulfan ban.Read here

39.Chips of Pepsi infested with larvae.Read here

40.Take care of these 11 things for better health.Read here

41.Childcare in India better,but further improvements needed.Read here.

42.Blueberries prevent, High Blood Pressure.Read here.

43.Three die of Congo fever in Sanand,Gujarat.Read here and HERE

Gujarat health Minister writes to  Centre about the needs and possibility of the epidemic spreading in spring and summer.

44.H1N1 claims three in Ludhiana,as per reports on 12/2/2011.

45.Birds culled in Tripura due to Flu.

46.A 41-year-old person who died on 15/2/2011,in Jalandhar had contacted H1N1,from Germany before his return.

47.Cancer-causing colouring agent used,reportedly,in Coca and Pepsi Colas.

48.Number of Jodhpur IV death of women and children,climbs to 17.18 as on 15/3/2011.

49.2 Ahmedavad localities gripped by Falciparum.80% are suffering from Malaria,as on 6/9/2011.

50.Annual killer,Encephalitis accounts for 19 young lives this year so far[12/9/2011],in Bihar.

51.9 more Children succumb to Enciphalitis in Eastern UP[13/9/011].

52.61 people have died and 662 hospitalized due to encephalitis in the last ten days[as on 19/9/2011] in the district, about125 kms north-east of Lucknow.

53.Leptospirosis deaths make Kerala Government ‘active’.

54.15/10/2011:-UP threatened by Encephalitis.

55.2400 children suffer from Malnutrition in Akola,15/10/2011.

56. June redux in BC Roy Hospital,Kolkatta.11 Baby deaths,26/10/2011

57.12 more children die in Bardwan Medical Hospital,26/10/2011.

Children’s deaths  continue….as on 30/10/2011.Mamata not that much concerned despite holding the Health Portfolio .

Bengal again 6  babies die..but in Malda this time,10/11/2011.


Gujarat:23 Thalassemic children get HIV Aids due to infected-blood transfusion.


9 more children die in Malda,Bengal in the last to days.


4  more infants die,again, in Malda Hospital, Bengal,in the last 24 hours.Total 20 in less than a week.


Deaths of infants,continue in   Malda Hospital, Bengal.


8 more infants’ death in Malda in the last 24 hours.


10 children die of measles in Bisi-patti village,Madhubani,Bihar.


21 deaths due to H1N1 in Rajasthan,Maharashtra and some other States in the last 3 months.


29 H1N1 cases in Tamil Nadu.

11 babies die in Malda,PoschimBonga,in the last 36 Hours.


A 52-year-old man succumbed to swine flu in Rajkot today.

To be continued…….

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