In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.

How The Indira Congress Party Defends Its Anti-national Acts

The so-called Leaders,Ministers etc of the Indira Congress party have started to come out with many “defensive statements”[which shows that they are committing more and re mistakes].These are generally absurd,but also seem to take Indians for idiots.So “WATCH” need tp be kept on their utterances:-

1.Salman Kurshid,the Law Minister says that jailing Oligarchs[Businessmen] will reduce “investment”[11/10/2011].

2.MM Singh saying that CAG should not find fault with   a “genuine error”min the 2 T spectrum scam.

3.Trai and Sibal claiming that “the losses due to 2 G spectrum allocation are ZERO.

4.Sibal claiming that the  G spectrum scam is due to the policy of the [previous] NDA.Does not the UPA follow ‘due diligence”?If you follow a wrong policy,are you fit to rule India,over?

5.Though MM Singh is culpable and really GUILTY on many counts,the Indian Courts initially,used to say that he should be “respected”!!!

6.MM Singh,though in the know,about the 2 G spectrum scam, claiming his being NOT aware of anything regarding the 2 G spectrum affair.Later when on the backfoot meeting the Media, his being an apologist,saying that he had to do certain things,due to Coalition Dharma[compulsions].

To be continued….

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