In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.

Humanitarian/Govt Apathy

1.55000,people affected by floods in Lakhimpur District,in Assam.Read here

2.In Bangaluru,a steno and a tea-stall owner forced into a “beggars’ home”,for bonus by officials.They were reportedly picked up from the streets.Shocking.Read Here

3.Christian NGOs arrested for kidnapping children from Ladakh for conversion to Christianity,after the recent Leh floods.Watch HERE.

4.Father abandons three children.Watch Here

5.A toddler’s pitiable tale.

6.Udaipur:Labourer trapped in tunnel,under construction,for six days. rescued.Read here


7 lakhs affected by floods in Orissa.


16 die in floods in Odisha.

8.Labourer[who generally,live hand to mouth], gets delayed wages 10 months,after dies.Read here

9.600 villages submerged due to floods in Odisha,as on 23/9/2011.

In Odisha,11 die and 3003 villages marooned,as on 25/9/2011.

27 die in Odisha floods as on 27/9/2011.

98 die in Bihar floods as on 1/10/2011.

10.5 Girls rescued from trafficker[1/10/2011].

11.Travails of Widows of Vidharbha Farmers.

12.Poor and Hungry students in Haryana consume poisonous Jatropha seeds,during recess,but are saved.Read here

13.Report on Farmers’ suicides in Marathwada,Khandesh and Vidarbha.

14.UPA has NOT updated its H1N1 website from December,2010!



20 die and 2.5 lakhs affected in Assam due to floods.

Death toll 121,as on 8/7/2012,as per reports.



Girl killed, 4 injured in grenade explosion: A girl was killed and four others were injured today when an abandoned grenade exploded at Manphar forest in Naxalite-stronghold Gaya district of Bihar, the police said.


Drought in Marathwada ,due to insufficient rainfall, for the last two seasons.

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