In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.

India:A Unique Victim of Terror

THIS article prompted me write on the subject,of the so-called,Terror,”War On Terror” etc.While the latter is a false Flag,reportedly,by the CIA,so that,the USA can gain permanent entry for its Military in foreign countries.The UPA,a US puppet, has thus allowed the US Special Forces to operate in India, ostensibly against the LeT,but the matter is too deep.Though the UPA denies this,a responsible US Military person,has mentioned this in the US Congress very recently.In this context,the proposed.NCTC,a DHS-clone,of the USA has added significance.Janet Napolitano [what is the Head of Homeland Security of the USA doing in india, meeting with Chidambram?]and Leon Paneta,former CIA Chief,met with Chidambaram[from Harvard,a reported CIA front],in 2011.

While the USA has,reportedly, used, many False Flags like the Lockerbie Bombing  etc,to punish those,who do not toe the US’ line,India has been in an unenviable position as it has been subjected to the Maoist,Christian[North east] and Islamic Terror.Kanishka Bombing,and at least two Indian Civilian  Airliner “hijacked” to Pakistan and the notorious, Kandahar are very vivid in one’s memory.The Cold War had an effect on the first two incidents,namely,Kanishka and the Lahore,ones.Kandahar was the result of the Terror that started after the Soviet occupation Afghanistan and the CIA’s exploitation of Islamic Hysteria to push them out of Afghanistan.The Al Qaeda was born and exploited again and again by the USA….The latest are Libya and Syria where these were/are allies with the West….Thus the so-called “War On Terror’,by the USA has been exposed,as it  and Al Qaeda are mere tools in the hands of the West to achieve many aims like invasion of nations and as mentioned,earlier,to have PERMANENT BASES for its Military in other nations.It is worth mentioning that,in the normal course,this [ having Military presence] is not possible with countries like India.

India has the Maoists and North East Christian terrorist problems.While both these,have reportedly,the blessings of the Indian Church,CIA was also involved in the case of North east India.Forcible conversions to Christianity were also achieved by the Missionaries exploiting this.False Flag Gladio-clones, like,Kandhamal were also created.

There are reports,on the net,that people were dragged out of their houses and forcibly converted to Christianity,in India’s North East.

To be continued….

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