In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.


While the West is being de-industrialized,as a policy decision has been,reportedly made,in the 60s of the last Century,India doing the opposite or being cajoled to do so, is sure to face water and FOOD shortages, pollution,social problems,Accidents etc.Industrialization shatters Agriculture,to create Food Shortages,so that the Globalists can push GMO.

1.Corporate genocides.Read here

2.GSPC strikes huge gas Reserves in Cambay basin,Gujarat,as per today’s reports.

3.The British prime minister, Conservative leader David Cameron,is on a visit to India with a huge Delegation to boost business ties,as per report on 29/7/2010.Is this a Rothschilds(who are suspected to control MM Singh and reported to control,the IMF,of which MM Singh is a former employee) initiative?It is worth noting that the Rothschilds stopped their lucrative involvement in the LBMA in 2004,when MM Singh was lucky to land in India’s top job,and began to increase their business activities in India.The Rothschilds have been offered attractive assignments since,to the extent of interfering with the GOI’s policies,like Divestment of the PSUs,3G spectrum auction,Air India financial restructuring etc.It is reported that the Rothschilds bankrupt Nations using PRIVATIZATION,which they are trying in India,too.India is doomed.

It has,since,been reported,that a big shot,who has worked in India,for NM Rothschilds (India),for 20 years,has been appointed as the head of the British side,in the UK-India Business Forum.

4.Boeing reportedly,as on 3/10/2010, says,that India will need 1150 planes worth $130 Billion in the next 20 years.Time,India became self sufficient by manufacturing commercial airliners.

5.Shri Jayaram Ramesh has asked Orissa to stop work on Poscoe project,as per reports on,6/8/2010.

6.Co in Bhubhaneshwar harasses farmers,damaging crops by polluted water containing ash.Read here

7.Chinese turbine inoperable for 3 months in Durgapur Power Plant,Read HERE

8.Second Coal based 600MW unit,commissioned in Haryana .Read here

9.Farmers oppose Cement Plant in Gujarat.MoE favours them.Read here and HERE

10.GMO MNCs mischief.

11.The National Biodiversity Authority of India (NBA) has  decided to sue the US’  Monsanto and its Indian collaborators who developed the Bt Brinjal.

The  NBA is doing this,on response to a complaint filed last year[as on 16/8/2011], by the Bangalore-based Environment Support Group (ESG), claiming that the developers violated India’s Biological Diversity Act of 2002 by using local Brinjal varieties in developing Bt Brinjal without prior approval from NBA.

This is the usual trick of the US MNC and the US Government to control India’s food by having IPRs on foods grown in India for Millennia!The height of it.And the UPA,the puppet of the USA is as IMPOTENT as ever to overcome the BULLYING Global businessman.

12.As on 24/2/2013,M M Singh and Sharad Pawar[Minister For Agriculture],have started talking about the virtues of GMO.The proposed,Food Security Bill,may be exploited,in the summer Budget Session,2013, to usher the Foreign GMO MNCs,in India,under outside[Globalists,Bildebrg,IMF,World Bank etc] pressure

13.Bihar farmer claims record Rice yields with SRI,System of Rice Intensification.

14.Water problem in Dakshin Kannada.78-year-old farmer commits suicide by drinking insecticide.

15.Modi grows GMO Mustard in his Kitchen garden for “testing”,from the time he became PM.GM Mustard has been passed,in India,by all,but the Environment Ministry.The Minster ,Shri Anil Madhav Dave,of this Department,died on 17/5/17,soon after meeting Modi.He was the Final authority,for the passing of GMO Mustard in India.Hence this is pending as of now,till The New Minster takes charge.

To be continued…..

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