In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.


1.Some Ministries and even,NGOs are trying to usurp the Power of the Judiciary.An ominous trend.

2.Land Acquisition.Dispossessed denied Justice.Read here

3.Government gifts Crores to influential land Developer.Read here

4.Illegals  from Bangla Desh opposing registration?Read here

5.Cell Phone System:Espionage Fears.Read Here

6.As per reports dated 31/7/2010,the Globalist and Autocratic,UPA Government,at the Centre, has appointed Public Prosecutors,without consulting the Indian Judiciary,thus continuing to erode,slowly,the Democratic Institutions of the Indian Republic.

7.To contain stone pelting mobs with conventional weapons, paramilitary forces will soon be getting a new non-lethal laser system to disperse violent crowds without causing injury,as per reports on the Media,dated 3/8/2010.

8.Nafed involved on scam.Read here

9.Jethmalani says UPA’s action illegal and anti-national.Read HERE

10.US Professor says India EVMs are vulnerable.Read here

11.CAG interim report finds irregularities in Delhi,2010,CWG deals.Read here

12.Yet another effort towards ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT,by the UPA,which wants changes in India’s Gun Law.Read Here.

13.Explosive smuggling racket under scanner.Read HERE.

14.Many countries are dumping toxic waste in India.Read HERE

15.Child labour(70000) in Meghalaya mines.Read here

219 children work in Meghalaya mines, not 70,000: Govt.Read here

16.FCI/GOI and PDS Contractors disagree on transportation charges,in Arunachal.Read here

Am extract from the link above:-

“According to the Association’s president Likha Maj, the FCI instead of cooperating with the contractors was blaming them for excessive billing, which he claimed, is a blunder made by the FCI and the GoI. Explaining, he informed that according to a government notification in 1995 the per km rate for transportation of PDS commodities was Rs 2.25. In 2001 the rate was enhanced to Rs 125 per qntl per km and the HTS payments were made at that rate during 2001-04.”

The approved raise in 2001 is quite astounding!!!

17.Suspicious death of whistleblower in Tuticorin,Tamil Nadu.Read HERE.

18.Rs 3000 Crores scam in Assam Water Resources Dept,as per farmers.Read here

19.Woman exploited,guilty punished.Read Here

20.SC recognizes hawkers Fundamental Right.

21.SC blames, the UPA for inaction regarding 2G spectrum scam.Read here.

22.Illegal and anti-Social activity in Bhubhaneshwar.Read here

23.Coop Society shut in 1995 continues to get ration.Read here

24.Teesta Setalvad fabricated affidavits against Shri Narendra Modi.Read here.

25.Sabotage suspected in damage of samples in a fire in,a Kerala lab.Read here.

26.Child adoption gang busted.WATCH here.

27.2 suicides among 5 Farmer deaths om Andhra Pradesh.Read here.

28.Muslims involved in  Honour killing of a Hindu,in Bihar.Read here.

29.Woman forced to give birth in the General Ward,instead of the Labour Room!

30.700 suicides due to Fertilizer price rise and ginger price crashing,in 2011,in Vidarbha,Andhra Pradesh and Wyanad,Kerala,so far.Read here.


NDA wants P Chidambaram to resign,as Dr Swami will be a wittiness in his bring accused in the  2 G spectrum scam.

FIR against SM Krishna,Foreign Minister,in Mining Scam,when he was CM of Karnataka.


131 die in Hooch tragedy in Bengal.More expected.

33.3/2/2012,Pune Farmer commits suicide due to debt.

To be continued…..

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