In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.

Modi Tracker

S@t@nic Sign.OMG.

Shri Modi Keeping In Touch With Countrymen

PM Of Israel,Benjamin Netanyahu,reciprocates,Shri Modi’s visit.On 6-day Tour of India.Obviously,the relation,made better,by these two.


Modi has so far been favouring privatization,IMF’s “structural reforms”,namely tax sops[subsidies to the MNCs] and DEREGULATION[No laws national or International for the Oligarchs,Indian and MNCs].

CEA to the PMO is from the IMF.Niti Ayog,Vice chairman is an “Indian American”.

In 2014,India,seems to have signed a SECRET “regulation” by G 20’s FSB,an illegitimate Body,in November 2014,G20 Meet,Australia.This was called,Bankers’ Coup,by Ellen Brown.Now a second bankers’ Coup,is on regarding NPAs of Public Sector Banks,for which The President Of India,has promulgated an Ordinance.This will be passed in the monsoon Session of the parliament,sometime between June and September,2017.There is a possibility,that many who have committed Crimes,may escape,citing “policy paralysis’!

In 2016, May Gold Monetization Scheme was imposed.This,is  to keep the $ strong,by suppressing the price of Gold.Indians may not be able to preserve their meagre wealth,if any,by having Physical Gold as a safety haven and a hedge against hyper-inflation.(the average Inflation,with the price of Gold as the basis,is about 545%)

On 8th November 2017,Demonetization was announced,Digitization and Cashless Society are the aims.These in run,will benefit,the card-,machine-makers,bankers etc.Banks get PERMANENT Bail Out with the money,of the Citizens,in the banking System,improving CASA.The PPP,”BETTER THN CASH ALLIANCE”,headed by Bill Gates,has India,Pakistan,Mastercard,VISA,E-bay etc as members,is the entities behind this.This is reported to have been,Financed,by USAID,a reported CIA front!

GST and Aadhaar (this,will make Indians lose many freedoms,their wealth and personal data) will be imposed on India on 1st July 2017.Imposition of Aadhaar is seen as Big Brother.PAN cards,have not been made invalid,so far.Thanks to the SC of India!

Many fear GMO will be ushered into India.GMO Mustard,is being subjected to study,by various relevant bodies.

From 4th July 2017 (4th July is USA’s Independence day) to about 6th ot 7th,Shri Modi Ji visited Israel,thus becoming the First Indian PM,ever,to do so.India-Israel ties have become very strong,so also,India-US ones.

India and Pakistan are regularly,exchanging Fire,along the LOC.In Doklam,Sikkim-Bhutan,border,India and China,face off each other,with China,constantly reminding India of 1962!Meanwhile,around 16th July 2017,USA,India and Japan conducted joint Military manouvres,called Malabar Exercise or war game!Things are really hotting up.

And India has joined the SCO,in June 2017.

Will be updated………………..

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