In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.


This is gaining ground in India,among the so-called Big Shots.But that does not mean the middle-class or poorer sections are innocent.Read here HERE and HERE

1.Pedophiles use the following:-

United Nations-mandated “sex education to children”.

Social Adoption.

The so-called,child protection laws and agencies.

2.Pedophilia and other sexual activities in some Churches in Kerala revealed.Read HERE

3.Pedophelia rampant in Mizoram.Read HERE

4.Pastors traffick children from the North East to South India.Read HERE

5.Driver and asociates gang-rape children aged 12,10 and 7 and indulge in perversion.Read HERE

6.Pedophilia in Tamil Nadu school.Read here.

7.Pedophile awarded Death for murder of 10-year-old boy.Read here

8.Pedophile author arrested after sting op.

9.The notorious case of Noida,smacks of controversy and partiality.Read here

10.Pope helpless.Read here

11.Spams used for leading one to Child Abuse sites.Read here

12.Anti–Pedophile US attorney sets up shop in the UK.Read here.

13.UK:- Pedophilia,on the rise.Read here.

14.Teacher accused by a 11 year-old girl of  molesting her.Read here.

15.32-year-old  married man rapes three-and-a half- year-old,Gurgaon,arrested.

16.AIIMs Doctor dismissed.

17.3-year old girl student raped in KG.

18.Two pedophiles sentenced in Mumbai,by the SC.

19.British Paedophile escapes from TN Police.

20.Cases on the increase in India.

21.Two orphaned Minor  girls victims at the hands of a Political activist,in Kerala.

22.Two cases in New Delhi.

23.Powerful Pedophiles Social Engineer by sexualizing children  ,and also,use the excuse that Pedophilia a disease.The height of it!

24.Family man abuses Minor Girls as per his wife’s complaint.

25.How Paedophiles misuse the media and trap the unwary.

To be continued…..

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