In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.


The following problems,which are both political and economic, are being faced by the nation.It is a bit mysterious as to whether they have been deliberately  created.Their effects on India and her people is going to be far-reaching nonetheless.

1.The Oligarchs and the poor land-holders.The latter seem to be fighting for their survival.

2.The nation is being divided,on Religious grounds,under the pretext of the so-called proposed Communal Violence Bill,[pseudo-Secularism].A particular Minority Community is being preferred for many posts by the Government at the Centre.

3.Efforts at Privatization of everything.The diktats of the IMF and the World Bank are being followed,which will result in India being bankrupted.

4.The Indian Democratic Republic is being converted into an Oligarchy,by stealth,by the UPA.Many politicians,are having industries too.

5.Non-Kashmiris,working in Nationalised banks etc,are fleeing the valley,and the Railways has suspended its services,as per reports in the media,on 4/8/2010.

6.Five Vidharbha farmers commit suicide.Read here.

7.Delhi College Students prefer BJP to Congress.Read HERE.In 2011 also.

8.Waste location threatens world-renowned Mango Tress in Lucknow.Read here

9.All Party Delegation to meet the people of Kashmir,as on 14/9/2010.

10.Assembly Elections were held om April-May,this year,in four States and One Union Territory.Results:-

1.Tamil Nadu:-The AIADMK trounces the DMK in what is perceived as a vote against the 2 G spectrum scam.

2.Bengal:-Indian Left is trounced for the first time in 34 years.

3.Assam:-Congress comes to power with a simple majority.

4.Kerala:-The alliance led by the Indian Left loses narrowly.

5.Puducherry,UT:-The alliance led by the All India NR Congress /AIADMK wins.

6.With the Elections about a year away False Flag attacks on Dalits by way of rapes,injuries AND murders,and Bhatta-Parsaul, have started.Like in Godhra,Kandhamal,Rajasthan Gujjar Agitation,Singur,Nandigram and Lakhisarai,if the question,”Cui Bono?”, is posed,in this case too,the answer is :-The Indira congress party.

7.Either to shatter the Opposition or for a particular Minority Community to dominate all others,the Communal Violence Bill,very much against the Hindus is planned by the NAC.This is similar to a law in the USA,by which a minority Community is dominating the Christians.This Bill will divide India on Religious lines.The Indira Congress party can also usurp power in Opposition-ruled States using False Flags like Godhra,Kandhamal,Singur,Nandigram,Lakhisarai and now Bhatta-Parsaul in UP.It is worth noting that the Indira Congress party is favouring a particular Minority Community in postings like Ambassador,Governor,Head of Committees,etc and in the choice of the CMs.This Community has disproportionately high posting vis-a-vis its percentage of population.

Around 11/9/2011,the First of a series of False Flag [Black Flag] Operations has been started by the Indira congress party.7 people have lost their lives so far,as on 13/9/2011.The situation is reported to be normal.

8.Antonia Maino has visited Switzerland recently along with her son.After that one Indira Congress party spokesperson is advocating the son for Premier’s post.It seems the duo has visited,the Bilderberg meeting or contacted by them in Switzerland as the Secret Annual meeting of Bilderberg and their visit have coincided and the speeches by the Italian Woman harp on the New World Order!!!

9.The Indo-US Strategic Dialogue Joint Statement.

Since this is a partnership of UNEQUALs,Like South Korea and Japan,India will also be a weak lackey of the USA. Particularly worrying in the,so-called, Joint Statement are:-

i.The proposed Trilateral Commission among these two and Japan.This is similar to the one Rockefeller originally started,with Canada,Japan and the USA.Going by the latter’s activities India’s Sovereignty and her majority Hindus are under very great threat.

ii.The so-called co-operation in the same.Indian children,the Future Citizens will be taught to be Globalist zombies.

iii.The proposed,Nuke Plants will be a constant source FEAR for the Indian Population.There is a chance that India may Nuke herself.

10.The many scams starting with the 2 G spectrum one,have shattered the faith of the Indians in the UPA[especially,in the Indira Congress party,the Italian Woman and her son and MM Singh].And the joke is that the Indira Congress party is blaming the NDA for many of the scams,citing policies,which show that its intentions are mala fide.Why is it following wrong policies,without bothering to correct them?Too many Coal Blocks have been offered for free by MM Singh to many private Cos.The loss to the Exchequer by some estimates is more than Rs 50 lakh Crores.

On the 20th,July,2011,Clinton was in Chennai.Ostensibly for ensuring that the Sri Lankan Tamils can return to their “homes”,freely and fairly.But her meeting with the TN CM,may be for:-

i.Ensuring ‘support’ for the UPA[Indira Congress party],a puppet of the USA,in the passing of the  many  Bills in the Indian Parliament,in  the coming Session,especially in case of the Opposition against the US’ MNCs’ insistence on Non-liability in the case of a Nuke Accidents in the plants they may be supplying.

ii.More Business opportunities for the US MNCs in TN.

August to 8th September 2011:-‘    The Italian woman was in the USA,ostensibly for an Operation,thus avoiding the tense Monsoon Session of the parliament,2011.


Mass general Strike for a separate Telengana State started.


Orissa MLA and his PSO shot dead.

Though deaths are always sad, one point in this article is even more serious.Bangla Deshis had usurped land om Odisha.The possibilities are numerous and dangerous:-

i.Have the Bangla Deshis done this[Land Grab] in Bengal[Paschimbanga],Assam,Tripura,Manipur etc?

ii.Are Bangla Deshis masquerading as Maoists?

iii.If [ii] above is true, are Pakistanis also involved in the Maoist terrorism?

Pulok Chatterjee,IAS,Former World Bank,Executive Director [?] ,becomes Principal Secretary to the PM.An excerpt from the link:-

” Pulok Chatterji, who was on Thursday[29/7/2011], appointed as principal secretary to the prime minister, is a 1974-batch officer of the Uttar Pradesh cadre, and is due to superannuate next month. He will take up his new assignment on October 3 after his term as executive director in the World Bank ends.”

To be continued……

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