In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.


1.Acute poverty in 8 States,worse than Africa.Read here

and HERE

2.Malnutrition.Read here

3.33 starvation deaths in Rajasthan this year.Read here

4.Debt hit Vidharbha farmers’ Lands at stake.Read here

5.CWG stadia workers,sleeping on foot path.Read here

6.India’s Hunger special.Read here

7.Debt-ridden farmer commits suicide,in Kendrapada Dist,Odisha.Read here

8.19-year-old man ends life due to poverty in Morar, Gwalior.Read here

9.Poor Mother in Maharashtra sells Six-month-old son for Rs 400/=.Read HERE

10.Children die of Hunger in MP.Watch Here

11.Debt drives a Tamil couple to commit suicide.Read here.

12.CWG shatters the lives of POOR vendors in Delhi .Read Here

13.450 kids die of malnutrition in Nasik alone in the last 4 months!

14.51 farmers committed suicide during the month of August,2011,in Vidarbha alone.

Investigation of farmers’ suicides in Maharashtra,in 2005.

15.GMO genocide in India.The Governments look on.

16.Children  die of Enciphalitis in Bihar.

17.Starvation forces people to sell kidneys in a Bengal Village.


5 Farmers commit suicide in Vidarbha.






To be continued…..

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