In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.


Almost all,the policies of the UPA,are aimed at making India lose her Sovereignty.Not long ago,MM Singh,in a speech in an International Conference in Delhi,wondered about the Sovereignty of Nations and recommended that they lose the same.And he is the man leading India.


India lost its Sovereignty to the G 20,in 2009,under the UPA.IMF seems to control the RBI,apart from BIS,of course.

The recent Ordinance,for NPA resolution,empowering the RBI,whose poor oversight ,contributed to the huge NPAs in the first place,is but one among the many,examples.

RBI is also not giving the names of the Defaulting Oligarchs,whose Loan amounts exceed rs 500 Crores to the SC.The Supreme Court,rightly chided the RBI for doing this,while farmers,with a mere Rs 15 or 20000/= Rupees Loan,commit suicides.

To be continued…..

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