In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.

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RBI has Gold Or Tungsten?

India has made a Gold swap with the  Bank of England[47 MT] and Union Bank Of Switzerland[20MT], in the 1990s[Why should a huge quantity of Gold be moved to and fro,which is risky, in a short period of time,unless it is for DECEPTION?], and purchased 193MT of Gold from the IMF.The IMF purchase and swapped material are suspected to be Tungsten plated with Gold instead of pure Gold.It is worth remembering that MM Singh has held responsible positions during both the times:Finance Minister when the Gold swap occurred and Prime Minister when the purchase was made.He is suspected to be controlled by the Rothschilds,as is Bank Of England.He is a former IMF employee.And Rothschilds,who were associated with LBMA till 2004 have an interest in Gold.They have since resumed their interest in Gold,reportedly.

Does one smell a rat?

Indian households have  OVER 18000MT of Gold.Will they(both the Households and their Gold),be safe under MM Singh?



1.Banks may collapse in Q1,2011.Read here

2.US economy is in a bad shape.

3.China has started asserting herself in International affairs,by following strong nationalistic polices,like the rail it is constructing to Iran,etc.

4.Afghan Taliban leaders claim victory over the USA and Nato.

5.Forced conversion of Minorities by abduction and rapes of girls,reported in Pakistan.


1.Problems in Kashmir,Telengana and Manipur.The Maoists are also proving to be a thorn in the flesh of the indecisive UPA.Kashmiri Pandits demand that all the stake-holders be consulted regarding any decision on Kashmir,as Hindus constitute 43 and the Sikhs and Buddhists 7% of the population in the State.It is worth noting that the Kashmiri Pandits have been driven out by Muslims many years ago,and are staying in tents in Delhi etc.Muslims have also destroyed many Hindu temples in Kashmir. Pakistan is instigating the Muslims in Kashmir,smarting under the loss of the erstwhile East Pakistan,in 1971  and China is fishing in the troubled waters.

2.Using the Manipur blockade as an excuse the UPA Govt has agreed with Bangla Desh,to connect Agartala with the latter.Illegal immigration ,which is very high from Bangla Desh, is changing the Demography and Ethnicity of the region,resulting in religious riots.Illegal immigration from Myanmar is also quite significant.The long term effect is the borders becoming irrelevant for the formation of the ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN Government of the Globalist Elites. It is to be remembered that MM Singh is suspected to be PLANTED,and controlled by the Rothschilds.He is a member of Club Of Rome and a former IMF employee,both Globalist bodies.Read about the recent, Deganga communal riots HERE.

3.Yamuna river crosses the danger mark and parts of Delhi flooded.

4.Work on the Commonwealth Games seems to be going slow and huge corruption has been exposed by sting operatives.

5.MM Singh favours Industries to Agriculture.Read Here.

6.Markets may remain flat.

MM Singh’s House Electricity For 2009,Costs the Exchequer More Than Rs 1 crore!

MM Singh’s House Electricity  For 2009,Costs the Exchequer More Than Rs 1 crore!

Read here

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