In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.


1.Using technology to control masses for the formation of  ONE TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT with,Smart Grid,NatGrid,Carbon Trade etc is a real threat,now.MM Singh has asked Sam Pitroda to start work on  the former.The UID,which is “Unique Identity Card”,is actually,”Universal Identity Card”,which many fail to grasp.Universal,refers to ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT.

2.Rs 1500/= Indian Laptop unveiled.Read here

3.Rice husk power to light up villages .Read here

4.As per reports in the media,dated,4/8/2010,India is a readying a Cyber Army,in response to the suspected hackings by Pakistan and China,on India,especially,the latter.

5.Use of Electronic Voting Machines,in India,despite vehement protests,cause for suspicion.Read here

6.Call from 9-digit mobile causes fainting in recipients,in Odisha.Read Here

7.Helmet Obedience.Read HERE

8.Global Smart-Grid for One World Government.

9.UN’s Agenda 21

10.Nano-tech in food.

11.Carnegie Institute undertakes aerial Surveillance of Plants.

To be continued…..

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