In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.

Misinformation And Misuse of Media

All Governments resort to this.This is happening in India too.

1.India media generally do not cover Bilderberg,Trilateral Commission and Club Of Rome.Sometimes CFR is mentioned in an innocuous way.

2.Scams for replacing Gold with Tungsten,plated with Gold are not mentioned at all.Indian Households,reportedly,have 18,000MT of Gold.

3.Suddenly the Media Hype,regardng The Indian Child, has reached epic proportions.The aim:-

The take over the Child by the State,using:-

i.Education,wherein The Teacher will be replaced by The Facilitator,whose job is to break the bond among The Child on the one hand and The Parents and Teachers on the other.

ii.Social Adoption.

The ultimate aim of the above two is to make The Indian Child,the Future Citizen of the nation,a zombie,for forming ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT.


5.Indian Main StreamMedia are being controlled by Foreigners,as per reports,and hence they are,reported to be, anti-Majority and pro-Minorities,thus being irresponsible.The reportedly,(Local Hindu Watchers of the Muslims),Muslim-instigated, riots,which started on 6/9/2010,in Deganga,Bengal,was not covered properly,when the Hindus were suffering humiliations.The perpetrators of these riots are reported to be illegals from Bangladesh,who are trying to usurp Hindu shrines,like in,Gangasagar Islands.

6.FDI in Media is a very great threat to India’s Sovereignty.Here is  a good link regarding the Media in India,in general.

The misuse of the Media by Foreigners,against the Majority of the nation.Read here.

7.Indian Media are controlled by a few.Read here.

8.In the current 2 G spectrum[2.75 G,actually],CWG and Adarsh Society scams,the Media have been misused by the UPA,by allowing some so called “celebrities”,MISINFORMING the Indian Public,to favour Con Artist MM Singh and his corrupt colleagues.Read here.

9.Kapil Sibal’s Foolishness.

10.Globalist MNCs joining Indian media Houses in [National]campaigns,which are best left to the Government Of India, as a US Soft drink firm is doing in India.


12.The Bilderberg “Secret” Annual Meeting took place in Switzerland at St Moritz,from the 9th to 11th June,2011.At about the same time, the Italian Woman and her son visited Switzerland.Soon after the return of the two,to India,Digvijay Singh,who belongs to the same community as the Son of the Italian Woman,as if on cue, began to vociferously recommend him as the PM if India. The Indian media are also ding the same.Predictive Programming in favour of the Son is in progress.

13.The Indira Congress party is misusing the Indian and perhaps,Foreign Media too,to face the accusations regarding the various mega scams like the 2 G Spectrum,CWG,Coal scam,NTRO scam etc.

To be continued…….

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