In 2009,India lost her SOVEREIGNTY to the G 20.

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1.NDA seems pro-Oligarchs.

2.jaitley,who like, M. M.Singh,lost the Lok Sabha Elctions,and hence is NOT elected, has appointed the former IMF employee as the CEO to the PMO.

3.Oil Ministry seems to be for the Wall Street Bankers(called FPIs,in India),Oil Oligarchs,G-20 etc  and against the Common people of India.Subsidies are being removed,though there is NO Social Security Scheme and Healthcare,as in the developed economies who subsidize,their people,farmers,bankers,Auto and House buyers even when their Creditworthiness is NEGATIVE!

Diesel price decontrol is on the cards despite CAG’s report on the faulty pricing of petroleum fuels!

4.Modi seems for DEREGULATION,as he says,that the GOVERNMENT should ONLY a FACILITATOR.He says,” the government as no business to be in business”.But the following show that this is not true:-

i)Gold Monetization Scheme

ii)Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

iii)LIC and EPFO investing in Equities and ETFs..

India is in danger.

Without Regulation India will be in the hands of the Oligarchs,like the USA,after the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act!!

Power Minister Goyal talks of “SAARC” Powergrid.Clearly One World Totalitarian Government

5.Modi retains Aadhar.Clearly Surveillance for One World Totalitarian Government.

6.Smart-city concept is for SURVEILLANCE.

The construction activities for these Cities,will allow the FPIs to make money in Stocks.

,8.  9/11/14:-

Cabinet expanded,as FDI in Defence 100%,allwed.Finance and Defence,after getting this done.Otherwise  a SEPARATE Defence Minister would have OPPOSED,CITING THE NATION’s SECURITY.

9.New Defence Minister Parikkar seems Defence Co-operation with the USA,Japan and Australia.That means, “tada” SCO.

10.RBI undermines Gold’s liquidity value,by reducing Loan on Gold from 75 to 70%

11.   10/11/14

Divestment out of Pawan Hans [PSU Helicopter manufacturer] and AIA.

Air India,may be Privatized,though,not immediately.

i)Privatization PRIVATIZATIONin full swing

ii)Surveillance via Aadhaar,Smart Cities,Smart Grid Cashhless Society is being attempted.

Fresh attempts are made to make Aadhaar mandatory,whenever the SC opposes the same.

iii)Land,Gold,Silver etc are discouraged for a Cashless society.Debit and Credit cards are being encouraged.this may increase impulsive spending resulting in Debt,a social Problem,but a must for the Bankers to enslave the citizenry.

iv)the word,”national” has been removed from the “nation Offset Policy”.This is very significant,as far as the Sovereignty of india is concerned.

v)NDA shows more interest in SAARC.A desire,for something like a South-East-Asian EU-clone?Roads to be constructed,to neighbouring Nations,to improve,Trade!
India,as suspected,involved in a big way,in Afghanistan.
Sri Lanka 2?

Petroleum Fuel prices continue to be very high,due to high taxation.

Will be updated……………..

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